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Let the Dead Leaves Drop

LET THE DEAD LEAVES DROP - some musings from this month's Lást Letter

As I wait for the bird song to tell me that it’s time to wake and I step outside to greet the sun.

As I brew my coffee and revel in the rich aromas of wilder lands, and I take that first sip – the best sip – I tap into my autumn, to the joy in the small, daily rituals, that mean the most.

And I sit down, with pencil in hand, and a fresh sheet of paper, and let my dreams dance on the paper.

It’s the simple moments, and the simplicity of Autumn, that reveals to us what our heart wants.

It’s that time of year when Autumn is in its deepest depths here in the Northern hemisphere, and Winter is stood at our door– early morning frosts in shaded grass, the drawing in of dark nights and later sunrises, tree branches letting their dead leaves drop. It’s a startlingly beautiful time of year for Nature, and a comforting companion to our own seasonal shifts. As the leaves shed to reveal their bedrock, often so too do the patterns in our lives that might be holding us in the transitional space between Summer and Autumn. Autumn often reveals what truly matters to us, the bare bones of what keeps us dreaming, moving forward and creating and connecting. There’s a relieving simplicity to tuning into the seasonal shifts – watching nature do what it does is one of the best ways for working out what we need, and what we may no longer need. And hopefully, what we really want. Here in the studio, Tom and I like to see Autumn as a time for making decisions and sharpening our focus back in to why we do what we do. How we can keep learning and growing and creating work, and a lifestyle that aligns with our values and our community. We like to get curious, and ask ourselves: If I were a tree, what leaves would I let drop first? What reveals would I enjoy the most? Try it. Get curious. See what you discover...

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