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I'm Angel. A multidisciplinary artist telling stories through film, writing, painting, illustration and design.

Fuelled by curiosity and the desire to express what it is to be alive in this body, and to imagine what it is to be alive in others. I am celebrating the messiness of being human and maybe even debunking some of the myths of being a woman. 


I’m innately drawn to women and the relentlessness of nature’s wild, because it inspires the most beautiful, brave, surprising, vulnerable and grotesque qualities in all of us. It's the messiness of being human that enables the most heart-grabbing stories. That's what I'm here for. To connect, to feel seen, and hopefully, incite the same in another. 

I am also co-creator of wild inspired design and illustration studio Lást Maps – specialising in heritage style cartography, wildlife artworks, branding,  and visual storytelling. We celebrate outdoor adventure, sustainable art, the call to the wild, and capturing the joy in the small moments that make life big! And that first sip of coffee…

A holistic approach to creating keeps me on my toes and open to inspiration from all corners of life, spending my time either in the studio, or on the road travelling and immersing in new places, people and perspectives. 

Having spent much of my childhood moving around the world, constantly shapeshifting and failing to fit in, I've come to know that the peripherals are often more interesting and that's where I like to dance and play. 


I have a First Class BA Honours degree in English Literature.  I take comfort in knowing that  I'll leave this earth still not having read or watched or made everything I could ever want to. 

But I may as well try. 

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