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a short film by Angel Jones

Apricity: to feel warmth of the winter sun on your face


Conjured up in the darkness of another sleepless night in the depths of an English winter during another lockdown, I wanted to create an expression of insomnia on the creative soul - fixed in the twilight , unlit by the energies of moon or sun, unable to create yet filled with ideas.  Motivated by this very idea of being unable to create, I was inspired by the solitude and constraints of the pandemic and how I might satisfy my desire for collaboration and artistic expression through film, in a playful and explorative form that reflected the feelings I was going through at the time. All I needed was the idea and another creative soul. 

A stop motion film using analogue photography, music and poetry, to express the creative duality to insomnia.  Shot on a film camera by Katie Lou McCabe as single stills, and then hand-developed in her dark room using classic analogue techniques, this experimental short film is a love letter to the creative process and the beauty that resides in the shadows.

To align with the project's ethos, and the fulfilment of taking time to revel in the process and honour the realities of making things the 'analogue way' - I am still editing the film, having curated and scanned each single frame, lovingly developed by Katie. So as I put the pieces of the puzzle together using the not-so-analogue Davinci, I am learning new insights about what 'Apricity' means as a piece of film, a year and half along from its conception and I look forward to the warmth of a new winter's sun...and what the final piece will have to offer. 

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