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a story of soil and sky; of paint, pen & ink

botanical art print watercolour

I believe in creative living, with story-telling as the beating heart.  So, I co-created design studio Lást Maps. We tell stories through bespoke maps, artworks, branding, and lifestyle content, infused with adventure and our connection to the natural world and heritage craftsmanship. We help capture people's stories by harnessing the power of ink to produce beautiful artworks and designs. It's a holistic and collaborative approach, fuelled by passion and a love for connection and illustration.

Our brand, and our story, was forged back in 2016 during a heart-warmingly icy winter in New Zealand's southern alps. Fuelled by wilderness living, yet buried in a creative-winter, yearning for a way to infuse lifestyle with art, I sought refuge, and answers, in the snowy mountains. Whilst hiking the famous
Routeburn track with my partner Tom, our idea for illustrated journeys was borne...and it sparked a million others. In front of the fire, we began sketching and mapping out our journey so far - not just for the track itself, but the map to how each of us got here - the paths we took, the roads we did not take, the paths we forged, the deviations, the pit-falls, the unexpected adventures and the weird and wonderful people we met, the careers and city life we rejected, the degrees we put in our back pockets, and the dreams we carried in our hearts. We knew how we got here, to this track, in these mountains on the other side of the world. And we asked ourselves why? Because we wanted a creative life filled with adventure, stories, art, diversity, and craftsmanship. Because everybody has a story, every thing and place has a story, and there's no better way to capture that than through art.

We began forging our own path that would bring us to what Lást Maps is today - a brand that encapsulates the intimacy of memories, a place, adventures, a person and a story. From 
creating maps that express the history of a family's home; to telling the story of a brand through a logo; to illustrating book covers; to designing beers labels; to creating videos that inspire others to draw themselves...the possibilities are endless. It's creative living. 

mushroom art botanical fungi illustration
Lakes Oak Frame on Desk (shadowed).jpg

For now, see some of our work below...

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