• Angelique Jones

'Tully': Thank you Diablo Cody and Charlize Theron.

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

A refreshing and utterly enjoyable comedy-drama about the realities of motherhood, handled with a beautifully slick harmony of raw honesty and an endearing humour - a script that I believe could only have been portrayed by someone as masterful as Charlize Theron.

I went in to this film with just one expectation - I knew that it would be a GOOD FILM. Why? Because Diablo Cody wrote AND it stars Charlize Theron. Aside from that, I didn't have any knowledge about what this film was about, except for what I read on the blurb. And my goodness, I was captivated the whole time and fell even more in love with Charlize Theron, and the character she plays. The script is poignant and heart-warming and real, It's basically everything I could want from a film, and more.

I cannot recommend this film enough - finally, some truthful explorations of motherhood and a tasteful and subtle debunking of the myths of the super mum.

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