• Angelique Jones

Madrid International Film Festival and being nominated for 'Best Story' and 'Best Actress'

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

A nomination in any category for a debut feature film is always going to feel gratifying, and so when 'Adira's Dream' (which I co-wrote and starred in) was shortlisted at Madrid International Film Festival and nominated for 3 awards, it couldn't have felt more affirmative.

Then, when one involves 'Best Story' and then 'Best Actress' (for myself, HA!) it felt INCREDIBLY affirmative. And, I couldn't help but laugh about the 'Best Actress' nomination. Who knew, I'd end up an accidental actress? (Disclaimer: I'm not secretly trying to be an actress.)

The festival takes place this week in Madrid, with the awards ceremony taking place on 17th August.



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