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co-writer & actor & co-producer

feature film

o-wrote and starred in the independent feature film Adira’s Dream, premiering at Madrid International Film Festival 2019 and nominated for 'Best Story.'

Adira’s Dream explores life through a social-media lens and its destructive effects on mental health and self-image through the protagonist, Adira, and her lover, Dan.  Shot entirely on an iPhone on locations in London, Iceland and a purpose-built set, the film’s visual language blurs the concept of art and reality, audience and performer, and poses the dangers of being a passive agent in our lives in this digital age.

This psychological thriller is inherently cyclical and fragmented, using a non-linear narrative to create a story world that seeks to reflect the quotidian reality of our conscious and subconscious existence. Utilising a small cast, purpose-built sets and aerial shots of Iceland’s stunning, rugged beaches, designed to mirror the dream-world that Adira continually loses herself in – reminiscent of our everyday escapism. We sought to challenge and interrogate conventional forms of filmmaking, playing with narrative structures, character presentation and filming techniques.



oblidah productions

genre: psychological thriller

director: olly williams

writer: angel jones & olly williams

madrid international film festival august 2019 nominations:

best story

best lead actress

best sound design

The story, although specific, encompasses the universal feelings of alienation and confusion felt by a generation of technologically-dependent millennials.

The project was an immersive collaborative process, that started with an idea and ended with a successful production – the final product representative of our mission to explore and learn and create.

Working as both a writer and actor allowed me to explore the story from within, and offered invaluable learning for character development from both a writing and performance perspective – two elements that go hand-in-hand with the film’s themes, and my interest in the relationship between the maker and the performer.

The film premiered at NFTS in May 2019. It has been nominated for 3 awards at Madrid International Film Festival: ‘Best Story,’ ‘Best Lead Actress’ (Angelique Jones), and ‘Best Sound Design.’ The awards take place in August 2019.

​Read more about the film here.

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