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"If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must write it" - Toni Morrison 

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I am a young professional screenwriter based in York, writing for various producers (including Goldfinch Studios) on feature film productions. Independent film works include the feature film ‘Adira’s Dream,’ which I co-wrote, premiering at Madrid International Film Festival 2019, up for three nominations including ‘Best Story;. Upcoming films include the experimental short film, 'Apricity' which I wrote and directed, and the short film ‘A Girl for Everyday of the Week,’ which I wrote and directed, currently in post-production. 


As a practicing writer, I am fascinated with stories, how they shape us and how we create meaning from them. A profound desire to create relevant, authentic and nuanced screen-based stories, with a particular dedication to revising the role of women both on and off the screen, is at the heart of my work.


To date, this work has explored largely conventional forms and practises of writing for film, and has been aimed at established audiences /demographics. However, increasingly, my interest lies in experimental, non-linear, interactive and immersive storytelling. 


The need to understand and exploit the potential of interactive storytelling is a central cultural challenge of the early C21st. Mediated connectivity is now part of our everyday life; we are ubiquitously connected, both with content and each other, through a plethora of devices and communication channels. It sometimes feels as if we storytellers are lagging behind the technological curve.



As a screen-based writer, seeking to push and test these new boundaries using complex and fragmented narrative structures, I have become increasingly interested in the technologically based storytelling forms emerging through film, VR, Games, second-screen and cross-platform mediums. I seek to combine this interest in innovative, challenging and emerging forms with a deep curiosity about the expression of the human experience through the art of storytelling at its most basic and profound.

To collaborate, work with me or just chat, email angeljonesfilm@gmail.com. Sharing ideas with likeminded creatives, innovators or thinkers is what I love.

I am also Film Editor for culture magazine On the Beat, Creative Director for art brand, Last Maps. I have a First-Class BA Honours degree in English.