Behind the scenes of the cooking show, with Matt and Tom.

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'Oops.' The Runner scene.
'Oops.' The Runner scene.

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'Can't I just get a coffee?' The cafe scene.

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short film

moonlit films

director: angel jones

writer: angel jones

cinematographymatt honey

genre: comedy

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trailer coming soon

comedy short film exploring the roles the ‘millennial’ generation of women are required to perform in order to navigate life in 21st Century.


Filmed on a shoe-string budget, using the help of creative friends and family, and the generous support of local businesses, and the University of Winchester’s lighting department, this quirky film demonstrates the innovative possibilities of filmmaking when working within perceived boundaries (i.e. time, money, resources). Creativity has no limits, nor does the power of belief in a story.


Using fragmentation and a variety of genre-bending techniques, A Girl for Everyday of the Week is a series of vignettes, exploring, and challenging, narrative and film conventions, and what ‘story’ means in the 21st century.


Donning a variety of coats as writer, director, producer and actress, was a challenging, eye-opening, exciting and affirmative process, offering an inclusive experience of filmmaking that has been invaluable for developing as a screenwriter.


Playing with character and audience perceptions, the film aims to challenge the generational prejudice towards millennials and the desire to distinguish our roles in society as either/or. Yet, as humans, we are both/and; we are plural, fluid beings, only limited by the notion of boundaries.


As each female character is performed by the same actress, the audience are required to extend their suspension of disbelief, and ask themselves whether they believe these women are different people, or perhaps, the same person, performing the myriad roles we all perform throughout our daily existence. Thematically, the film’s mission is to engage, and interact with audiences on a personal level, using the specifics to attempt to grasp the bigger picture – why are we all performing these roles? and who are we really performing them to?


The film is currently in post-production (with a little help from more creative film friends) and premieres at film festivals in Autumn 2019.